GRM Intelligence to launch new subscription format, globally

By Marie Green

Published Date: 2019/04


Knowledge is power in Africa: Introducing GRM Intelligence (GRMI).

Award-winning legal and finance recruiter GRM is leading a data mining mission into Africa’s fast-growing markets for ambitious local and international clients.

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Under the leadership of the head of research and analytics Rayne Handley, GRM has launched its research division GRM Intelligence. A former research lecturer at Rhodes University, Handley has extensive qualitative and quantitative research experience. She has been published in international peer-reviewed journals and regularly lends her expertise to industry publications and conferences.

GRM Intelligence (GRMI) is fast becoming the voice of human capital across Africa, leading a pioneering fact-finding drive across Africa’s budding professional services industries.

The division is offering both new and existing entrants to often daunting African markets valuable insights through daily fact-finding and uncovering unusual correlations and deviations.

Collated into easy-to-digest research reports, infographics and analysis tables, the data equips companies with the knowledge and foresight to boost their agility, best practices, performance gains, and competitive advantage in Africa.

How do you collect and verify original data in tough markets?

Given the lack of reliable and up-to-date research across Africa, GRMI predominantly gathers business insights through ongoing conversations with our network across the continent, including lawyers, business owners, job seekers, partners, and heads of Africa among others. This gives us insight into the nuances of business and human capital within a country.

Over time we have built up a body of knowledge into everything from the main players in a market to how easy it is to set up a company.

GRM Intelligence prides itself on unearthing intelligence that is not common knowledge or easily available. We update all of our data regularly and continually track changes and shifts in each market.

What are some of the most interesting findings?

Every economy in Africa is different and there is so much room for development that almost every sector has growth potential.

GRM Intelligence predicts high levels of growth in countries like Ethiopia, Rwanda, Ghana, and Côte D'Ivoire to name a few. Countries like Algeria, Nigeria, and South Africa with bustling cities and relatively high development offer a wealth of business opportunities. Seychelles, Mauritius, and Tunisia offer a high standard of living that many foreigners do not expect to find in Africa.

While growth and opportunity differ between countries and sectors, across the board we see the biggest growth in financial services, renewable energy, and consumer services.

Which markets and areas are attracting the most interest?

Overall we see a lot of interest in South Africa, Angola, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Zambia. Each market offers unique opportunities. We see high levels of investment in mining, oil and gas, information and communications technologies, and energy which has a ripple effect on infrastructure projects, demand for professional services, and project finance among others.

What are the biggest human capital challenges?

Some businesses take unbelievable diversity across and within African countries for granted. Access to affordable and quality tertiary education remains a major issue in most countries. In many cases, institutions are unable to find educational resources that are relevant to the African context or available in the students’ mother tongues.

Consequently, highly skilled labour is in short supply and professionals are brought in from elsewhere to fill senior positions. However, the attributes of a good leader vary across countries and foreign talent is not always able to successfully navigate the nuances of African markets.

Another major consideration is that economic growth in Africa has not always translated into economic transformation which, in many instances, reduces the creation of skilled jobs and hence the demand for skilled labour.

What will the next 10 years look like?

It will be an exciting time for sure! The current levels of growth and innovation are projected to increase year-on-year, and increasing competition will continue changing the face of industries.

High levels of foreign investment and a large number of infrastructure, energy and commodity projects and manufacturing plant deals will continue to establish Africa as an investment destination of choice.

Labour is plentiful, talented, and affordable and with improving governance and regulation we’ll see more and more multi-nationals establishing a physical presence in Africa.

About GRM Intelligence (GRMI)

GRM Intelligence has five core services, including comprehensive salary benchmarking, market mapping, mergers and acquisitions advisory services, human capital-related audits, and consultancy. The team also releases a comprehensive bi-annual salary survey report for the legal job market in South Africa and Hong Kong, including a review of partner-level compensation and trends. GRM bridges the gap between Africa and Asia, offering new entrants the information they need to successfully launch a new office or recruit in a foreign market.


Contact Rayne Handley at or +27 21 271 0274 to find out how GRM Intelligence can help you seamlessly navigate your business challenges.