New Law market entrant, Fern Banks, chooses GRM as partner for Africa and Asia launches.

By Rob Green

Published Date: 2019/06


New Law market entrant, Fern Banks, chooses GRM as a partner for Africa and Asia launches.


As a new Alternative Legal Solutions company, Fern Banks Legal hits the market across Asia and Africa, they have selected GRM as their preferred resourcing and research partner.


As “new law” expands into a multi-billion-dollar industry across the world, Fern Banks will be utilizing GRM’s 10-year association with legal markets on two continents, and multi-award-winning service to capitalize on their resourcing skills, candidate pool and in-depth research and analysis of the legal landscape across the continents.


Chief Coordinator for Fern Banks in Africa, Evelyn Gallichan, stated “We have recently selected a world-class AI/Legal technology partner in order to bring reasonably priced, fast, effective legal solutions to our clients in Africa and Asia. Now we have completed an exhaustive programme of interviewing and reviewing many leading recruiters and research houses, on both continents, to bring our services together. GRM were the absolute standout supplier, they have an incredibly detailed process, they already accurately combine tech solutions with the best in human capital and they share our values.”


CEO of GRM, Rob Green went on to say “Fern Banks is an exciting new breed of company in the legal solutions field. Whilst many others have entered the market, none have the vision of FB and we are delighted to partner with them. We are very proud to have been selected by Fern Banks to be their global partner in resourcing and research and we look forward to swapping tech, know-how, and strategies for the benefit of both firms”