Job seeking during the tough times

By Amanda Mahoney

Published Date: 2020/03

I'd love to say that this is the only time that I have faced challenges since working in the staffing industry.  The cause is always different: hurricane; volcano dust; recession; political unrest; and now Global pandemic.  It's quite a litany, but the result is always the same - hiring is often put on hold. 'Non-essential' items on the to-do list get put on the back burner. As they should, but only for a short while.
Having experienced several slowdowns during my career, I am all too aware of the impact this has on our ability to thrive.  However, having weathered these storms before, the one thing I do know is that companies who diversify, extend their offering, react to the developing markets, are the ones who survive, and come through the other side even stronger.  
Market crashes happen, but so do recoveries and boom times.
So what's the answer?  How do we continue in this unprecedented situation?  We ask ourselves the same question we always do: What do hiring clients need? 
The unique thing about our clients is that they already work in a challenging environment. Hiring staff in the offshore world is fraught with difficulties.  Often relocating whole families across the world, obtaining local visas with ever-increasing requirements, securing school places, new living arrangements.  Even finding qualified people is often hard enough, but finding those who are also willing to uproot their entire lives is sometimes close to impossible.
This is the good news: our clients are resilient by nature and adaptable by necessity.  So what lessons have we learnt from the past that we can put into practice now?
1. There are always opportunities.  There is always someone, somewhere, for whom hiring is anything but non-essential.  Certain industries thrive in times of crisis.  Our role is to identify those clients who need us now more than ever and remind them that we are there for them.
2. Business always comes back, and usually with more urgency and greater focus than before.  If you give people the chance to get to the bottom of their to-do pile, when normal business resumes, they are energised and playing catch up.  It is our role to be ready and waiting for them when they need us.  So we are onboarding record numbers of spectacular candidates, across more jurisdictions and sectors than ever before.
3. We are already prepared!  Our past experience has shown us that being a one-trick pony is not the way to distinguish ourselves in an oversaturated market.  We already offer a huge suite of products and services that are crisis-proof. We are already market-leaders in our field, and we are still able to assist our clients, even whilst they are firefighting this latest setback.
So whilst these are tough times for everyone, and we all need to follow the advice of the experts, rest assured that we are not taking a break, we are working harder than ever.
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