Candidate Charter


  • In line with our company values, will always treat you with the utmost integrity, respect, professionalism and honesty.
  • We will uphold your anonymity and will only disclose your personal details with your consent.
  • We will always treat your information with strict confidentially and will only request information that is pertinent to your job search.
  • We will keep your information on our database for the purposes of CV generation and longitudinal and market-related benchmarking to guide your personal development. We will abide by the POPI Act at all times and you may elect to remove your personal information at any time.
  • We utilize an AI/Machine Learning data analysis tool, when appropriate we will give you access to your personalized dashboard so you can see how you are being represented to our clients.
  • You will be given personalized and constructive feedback once received from the client. We will follow up to try to receive feedback soonest.
  • You will receive career guidance and counselling regarding your CV and career journey.
  • We will provide online interview preparation and we will provide support and brief you before your interview.
  • We will be proactive and committed to your job search and provide you with a proactive, personalized and targeted approach to your job search.
  • We will provide honest, timely and regular feedback and guidance throughout your job search.
  • We will make regular contact with you regarding all applications, interviews, and offers. You will receive a copy of your personalized GRM CV.


  • To be honest and keep us updated with any relevant changes or circumstances occurring during your job search, including CV, personal details, offers, and applications.
  • To share preferences, concerns and feedback with us regarding your job search and our service.
  • To provide honest feedback and updates to us regarding your job search, applications, and career choices, even if it is not in our favour.
  • To complete all requested tests, to provide requested information, and answer questions timely to assist us in providing you with the best service.
  • To complete all interview preparations timely and to attend all arranged interviews. Should you be unable to attend you will allow us reasonable time to cancel or reschedule.
  • To honour commitments made and to be as dedicated to your career journey as we are.
  • To be patient and cognizant that our dedicated team is doing all we can to assist you.
  • To inform us of any applications you make outside of your work with GRM, whether through social media like LinkedIn or other agencies.