Interim Contracting


- Payroll your contract lawyers
- Legal process outsourcing
- Supporting our law firm clients with short term staffing solutions.
- Interim contracting and payroll management services for businesses of all sizes.
- CEOs, COOs, CTOs, developers, and management level professionals for short term projects.

"Rob is very enthusiastic and creative when it comes to sourcing candidates. He built our South Korea team and placed several very talented lawyers into our finance/ banking practice and US Securities practice. Rob thinks out-of-the-box." 

Michelle Wu, Head of HR, Mizuho Bank (formally with Freshfields), Asia
(from LinkedIn)

GRM creates tailored payroll management systems to help small, medium and large companies administer payroll and employee regulations management. Our team of staffing experts works with clients in diverse markets to benchmark local remuneration rates, structure remuneration packages, and incentive schemes, and manage salaries and mandatory contributions. We specialise in helping clients move large numbers of staff into or within new markets, and managing payrolling on their behalf to facilitate a smoother transition. 

"Rob is a fantastic communicator. One is always kept in the loop when working with him and he just gets on with it. He is particularly perceptive to one's specific needs and requirements and does not subscribe to the 'one size fits all' philosophy of recruiting people. Each introduction and candidate placement is tailor cut to precision. A definite big thumbs up!"

John Cunha, Partner, ASAR, Kuwait
(from LinkedIn)

Depending on your unique needs and company structure, GRM offers varying levels of service. From centralising your entire HR function with GRM to outsourcing certain aspects of your recruitment process, GRM works with each client to create the ideal solution. 
- Recruitment auditing,
- market mapping,
- salary benchmark reporting,
- legal and market-specific requirements,
- job advertisements and postings,
- source and screen potential candidates,
- interview training,
- interview management,
- hiring process management,
- employee contracts,
- salary negotiations,
- onboarding,
- optimizing the recruitment process based on results.

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